What’s Nicopedia?

DSC_1143-1Nicopedia is me – Nicole. All of me, all about me, all sides of me – A to Z, good, bad, hideous.

I’m a:

Writer. Reader. Thinker. Entrepreneur. Opinionista. Comedienne. Improviser. Storyteller. Musicophile. Vinophile. Speed demon. Foodie. Runner. Pilates nut. Homeowner. Former Manhattanite. Seattle native. Supersleuth. Dog lover.

I love:

Comedy. Music. Driving fast on the open road. Irving Farm Sinful Delight coffee. Pearl Jam. Books. Bookstores. Turley Zinfandel. Beach houses. Fran’s salted caramels. Conan O’Brien. Modern art, architecture, and design. Peonies. A deck + a grill + friends + wine. Sex & the City. Scratch margaritas. Red. Iittala. Alessi. Green Lake. Seinfeld. Goats. Italy. Astrology. The Philip Johnson Glass House. My MINI Cooper. Alanis. Bermuda. Mrs. Meyers products. Jimmy Fallon. OH cards. Jo Malone candles. Trish McEvoy #3. And rat terriers – especially my sweet girl, Cleo.

I am:

Sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, sometimes funny, sometimes feisty, sometimes pensive, sometimes petty, sometimes guarded, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes hopeful, sometimes faithless, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes successful, sometimes flailing.

I mostly say what I mean, occasionally say mean things, and sometimes say things I mean but shouldn’t say.

But then that’s life. That’s me. And this is where I air it all.

Photo Credit: Scott Peat

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