It’s heeeeeerrrrrre!!!

Just like a baby, it was nine months in the making, but I finally birthed that sucker – and the all-new, new-and-improved, sparkling, shiny is live and open for business!*

Step right up and take a gander – we’ve got new photos, new copy, and new samples of sassy, saucy writing for you to peruse. Most importantly, please subscribe to the new blog. You can do so via email or RSS – whichever tickles your pickles – right there on the home page. Yeah, I know I haven’t posted anything yet. Gimme a break, I’m still delivering the web placenta. I promise to pop the new blog cherry within a week.

And oh ho, dear readers – lest you be a-wonderin’, Nicopedia will never die! At least, like most of us (hopefully), not for a while. Since That Other Site is publicly promoted and open to client eyes, I gotta watch the tongue a bit more over there. So you can still come here for doses of raunch, inappropriateness, and random musings.

I’ll always gladly oblige.

*Very, very special thanks to Amy Turner, Philipp Privado, and Alyssa McCoy for making this happen. And so beautifully at that.

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