So where the F is your new website, woman?!


Settle down, pilgrims. The world threw me a ton of curve balls, including one very big fantastic one on January 13th, when I met my true trumpet-playing love. Who is also my true trumpet-playing love here. It seems that soulmates do exist outside of Shakespeare sonnets and strip-mall Hallmarks, especially when you throw your pride (and your ‘tude) to the wind, post an OKCupid profile, and find the love of your life four days later.

That’s right, I’ve eaten my self-righteous words about online dating – and they taste damnfanfuckingtastic.

I will save delicious details for another post / essay / (memoir?), but in a nutshell, I now live in two cities, on two coasts, in two countries – one of which rarely speaks my native tongue and since I know not a lick of Francais, it makes for very sexy customer service interactions. Of course, as glamorous and glorious as all this may be, you can imagine how it sorta feels like being on a non-stop Tilt-A-Whirl. Thrilling, terrifying, and sometimes you wonder if you might hurl. Which means other goals take a back seat, just outside the Tilt-A-Whirl entrance, with a puke bag and a shit-ton of patience.

Let it be known: I’ve now emerged. Retch receptacle unnecessary. Bandwagon boarded.

That said, the shinysnazzynew that was said to launch in January is now in the final coding phase. So the launch is coming – very, very soon. I won’t promise a date because I’m still wiping egg off my nose from the last time I served up that shizz (and also, after all my years at MSFT, you’d think I would’ve learned my lesson about publicizing launch dates…ahem). But I will promise this – it looks FABULOUS. And I’m mucho jazzed to start the essay blog that will be a prime feature of the new site. In the meantime, this post’s photo is a little sneak preview.

God, I’m such a tease.

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