I’m having yet another approaching-birthday crisis. But this year, much enlightenment has ensued as a result. Intentions are being set, first steps (and big risks) have already been taken, and let me tell you – come this time next year, this life o’ mine will look a lot different.

More to come in a fuckass-long post very soon. Meanwhile….a palate cleanser:


2 responses to “Wisdom

  1. Been thinking of you Miss 10/19 10:19! What is going on?? Do I have to wait until the next post?…

    • I love how the 10/19 at 10:19 sticks for you! Miss you, gal. I think we should have a lunch at Redfeather soon…to celebrate both our upcoming bdays (my 11/6 Scorpio friend). Whattya say? If you need a girls’ night away from Redfeather, that can be arranged too. Mama needs a break sometimes, I know. ;-> xoxo

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