Pants peeing on a plane

That’s me right now. Bored on a plane. Seeing this photo pop up in my newsfeed courtesy of awesome photog, Sharon Montrose (she of the goat photos which adorn my kitchen walls). And getting the squeals – which must be stifled while in public tube-shaped object. Not that this is stopping the weird foreign kid behind me from forgetting the meaning of “inside voice.” (Want to punch.)

Anyhow, this monkey babe? Freaking cute as piss.


2 responses to “Pants peeing on a plane

  1. Try peeing at the Sharper Image when you’re in 7th grade and your friend gets on the karaoke machine and you laugh so hard you pee your jeans skirt and then go over the top and tell everyone your skirt is wet because you spilled a whole bottle of perfume that you just so happened to be carrying in your awesome pleather purse. Yeah, right. Eau de Piss. Try that on for size.

    And don’t hesitate to give the kid a really dirty look when the parents aren’t looking 🙂

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! You’re a born storyteller, my friend.

    Oh, believe me. I have shot many dirty looks that the father has WITNESSED. So have my fellow passengers here in Row 21. Also, the dad keeps getting up and putting his butt in my face so clearly he doesn’t care.

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