Things accomplished

  1. JAMBOX acquired (red, of course). Oh YES. That lovely little gem in the photo above is en route to my doorstep. I’ve had what I refer to as the Third Floor Issue for a while now – that is, the difficulty of listening to my tunes on the upper level of the casa (where I spend the bulk of my time). I love my trusty Geneva, but I don’t really like blasting it to levels that might disturb the neighbors, particularly in the summer months when my windows are open. And I can’t hear it at all if I’m in the master bathroom (where I also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time), what with the water and/or fan running. There’s also the issue of wanting to jam on the patio when I don’t feel like dealing with earphones. Alas – enter Yves Behar, who solves oh-so-many of my tech problems, and always with drool-inducing design at the helm. I’ve read rave reviews of this sucker and decided to go for it – apparently this tiny Bluetooth speaker busts out some serious volume (and also doubles as a speakerphone), and I love that I can easily tote it around with me. In the office, it’ll stream from my laptop; then I can take it into the bedroom, bathroom, or out to the patio and stream from my iPhone. It retails for $199, but I found it for $175 on (no tax and $4.99 shipping). SCORE.
  2. 401(k) invested. In August 2008, I consolidated all my 401(k) accounts – which were scattered amongst three previous employers – into one Self-Employed 401(k). It was such a paperwork catastrophe in and of itself that I couldn’t deal with allocating it at that point. So I told Fidelity to talk to the hand, took off with three friends for a month at a beach house in Orient, and four weeks later, watched as the stock market melted before our very eyes. Even though I understand volatility and all that beeswax, I was secretly happy my moolah was still sitting in the cash reserves. But then…that’s where it sat for nearly three years. Until last week, when I finally got on the phone and engaged an advisor to help me put together an investment plan and allocate my account accordingly. A bit of a laborious undertaking. But still. Whew. Finally. Next up: the rewriting of my will, living will, and durable power of attorney. Talking about death should make for good times. (And P.S. Apparently June is National Make-a-Will month. A good reminder that we should all get on it if we haven’t. It appears to be fairly simple and inexpensive on LegalZoom. I know it seems totally illegit, but take it from the woman who divorced online! ;-))
  3. 85 Broads in action. I met with Jill, the co-chair of the local chapter of this network of fine, fabulous, enterprising ladies. Upon joining, the founder & CEO asked me to write for their Forbes blog, as well as lead one of their infamous Jam Sessions – both to share my story/journey and inspire others to follow their hearts (even if they first have to put it back together). So here goes nothin’ as far as The Leap is concerned – pitches are being drafted and an outline for the Jam Session is percolating in my ever-scheming-and-dreaming brain. I really hit it off with Jill – who’s also a Microsoft alum-turned-entrepreneur (as is her husband), and a born and bred New Yorker/Long Islander/Yankees fan! I’d forgotten how much I miss New Yawkers – those direct, candid, tell-it-to-your-face people who pepper every sentence with “fuck,” but would give you the shirt off their backs in a second. I’d already been harboring a hankering for an NYC jaunt – and my time with Jill only made me further yearn for an ASAP trek to the lustrous city. Gotham, take me away!
  4. Composting. I could no longer stand throwing food – scraps, coffee grounds, stuff that molds in the fridge (whoops) – and used paper towels into the trash. So I bought a BioBag bucket and the corresponding 3-gallon BioBags and stashed it under my kitchen sink. The whole lot – bag and all – is tossed straight into my townhouse community’s food/yard waste bin and I’d say I’ve cut my “regular” trash in half. And no, it’s not smelly! Miracles do occur…in the name of Mother Earth.

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