As if this ad wasn’t enticing enough (marketing geniuses at MINI: kudos to y’all), I totally fell in love with the new MINI Countryman at the dealer today – and not just because the showroom model was red with black interior (though that always helps). I’d been under the impression that it would be some fo-duddy suburban vehicle meant to appease moms who’d really like a MINI Cooper but there’s no way in hell they could squeeze all the necessary kid-stuff into its teeny tiny boot.

Well hell, was I WRONG on that call. While there’s still not exactly ample trunk storage, the Countryman is indeed being touted as a “family vehicle,” and people, this is MY kinda family vehicle – i.e., an extremely sexy one (oxymoron? I think not). Though I haven’t taken it for a test spin, it really is quite the sweet, sporty-lookin’ little ride. If and when I’m in the market for a four-door, all-wheel-drive vehicle, this will definitely be a top – if not *the* top – contender.

As for this TV spot, Confucius say: “Red MINIs + sexy Italian men = sure-fire recipe for supreme happiness.”


One response to “Bootlemania!!

  1. Brilliant! Life is too short for traffic. Unless I’m in the passenger’s seat while Federico’s driving.

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