Don’t miss your cherry moments

I just love my Sunday NYT – it’s a ritual I will probably never give up: the NYT, Irving Farm Sinful Delight coffee, and some fabulous-but-not-fussy homemade breakfast like pumpkin waffles or an egg white veggie frittata. It’s also especially nice to end/start the week with encouraging words of wisdom from execs profiled in the Sunday Business section, like these from former Microsoft CFO, Greg Maffei:

When I was about 8, we went to a restaurant with my parents, and the bartender said to me, “Would you like something to drink? How about a Shirley Temple?” And he put a cherry in it and he said, “Would you like another cherry?” And I was a little bashful and I thought, “I don’t want to take two.” Then I spent the entire dinner thinking, “Why didn’t I take that second cherry?”

And a lot of times in life you’re either bashful or something’s offered to you and you’re not certain and you look back and say: “Gosh, that was a great opportunity. What was I thinking?” It’s human nature to hold back sometimes, to observe, to not look like you’re sticking your neck out or taking a risk, or even asking for something or agreeing to take something that’s being presented to you. But you’ve got to seize the moment a lot of times. It’s another version of carpe diem. There have been one or two other times in my life when I thought: “That was a cherry moment. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I take the cherry?”


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