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Blessed by the SYP Apple Santa

In five years of working for myself, not once has a client recognized or thanked me for my services at the holidays – and, frankly, rightly so as it’s my job to thank clients for their business. So imagine my surprise and delight today when I received not only a client’s holiday thank-you card, but a $150 Apple store gift card tucked inside. I never even received holiday recognition of this magnitude back when I was a full-time employee – of *any* company. I was so overwhelmed, I literally started to cry.

Working for oneself is sometimes a struggle – for a lot of reasons, one being that there’s rarely any feedback or expressed appreciation. While being a project worker brings a great deal of freedom and flexibility – which I LOVE…and having experienced that, I’d never work any other way – you sometimes feel like a commodity (or even a prostitute, in the worst client situations). And as much as I hate formal performance reviews because they’re for the most part tedious drivel and primarily for HR documentation, it reigns true that awards, promotions, and bonuses give you some idea that you’re appreciated and valued. I have to assume I’m doing good work when I a) get paid (and on time, at that), b) get hired by a client more than once, and/or c) receive word-of-mouth referrals.

So SYP, you might just be the most awesome client in the world. And MKR, I have YOU to thank for that. 🙂 My gratitude overfloweth.

P.S. Don’t miss the holiday video greeting SYP posted on their website…always a creative, inspiring endeavor every year.

P.P.S. Interestingly, this popped up while I was reading headlines on MSNBC after I published this post. That last section about us self-employed writers – that’s my world. And all those “many more skills in order to be successful”? Part of why – as rewarding as self-employment is – it is also so uncertain, terrifying, challenging, and tiring. Making a token of appreciation that much sweeter. 🙂

A merry, merry Mr. Bean Christmas

This and this is what’s on while we prepare Christmas dinner. It’s hard to cook (and blog) and laugh this hard at the same time.

Merry, merry, merry hi-larry.



gracious. Bellissimo *e* delicioso.

Why I do what I do

For whatever reason, I feel the need to elaborate on what drives me to write, but I’m honestly so tapped out from penning my holiday letter that I’m going to let my musical soulmate, Alanis, explain it. (I swear, I hope I get to meet her someday because I think we’ll talk non-stop for like 72 hours). These are her words in describing what motivated her to write her song, “Everything” and it also applies to how I feel when I’m writing – especially the more emotional, depth-probing pieces I’ve been churning out in various forums over the past few years.

Just in case you wondered.

“I think my aspiration has really been about being as transparent as I possibly could be. The more visible I am – whether it’s about my finances or about my emotional world or my spiritual beliefs or my vulnerabilities or my empowered moments, frankly – the more peaceful I’ve become. There’s less to hide. I feel like there’s so much energy that goes into hiding and secrecy. I certainly still believe in privacy in moments, but there’s a big difference between privacy and secrecy. Secrecy is like fear and trying to hide from each other and feeling separate. Being transparent and non-secretive is really a courageous act – it’s a loving act. It also relates us to each other because I feel like if we were all ready to put everything out on the table, we’d be really shocked to see the thread of continuity that connects us all.”

Stiller & Meara play charades with JF & Ben

OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!! I laughed so hard watching this, I literally could not breathe and was crying my mascara off. My God, they are BRILLIANT comedians.

Prepare to piss yourself.

News to no one

But seeing this on my FB profile made me giggle. I *especially* like seeing this name (and its associated status updates) pop up in my news feed.

Really? Money can’t buy happiness, you say?

I dunno. It can buy you great vacations where you have fabulous times with wonderful friends, laugh a lot, cry a little, drink a ton of wine, and even meet some goats.

So I might need this. (Thank you kindly, Ms. Austen.)