You cannot know how crabby this makes me

This video makes me SICK. (See the last 30 seconds.) I literally screamed in my living room when I watched this unfold in front of my eyes. Because….

THIS WAS MY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suggested this back in FEBRUARY in a marketing meeting regarding a certain cell phone which shall remain unnamed, but which was targeted at a large segment of JF’s key demographic. Considering this *and* the fact that the 5MP and 8MP camera were key features of the two versions of the phone, I literally said:

“Jimmy asks three audience members to play a game called Cell Phone Shootout, where people take photos of rotating images of prizes on a screen. They win the prize they capture on their phone. The contestants always use their own cell phones to play the game, but…what if we sponsored the bit and had him pitch our phone AND he gave each contestant a phone to use when playing the game – which they’d also get to keep?”

I was immediately shut down, told this had never been done, and that we’d just stick to traditional TV spots.

Correct – it had NEVER been done. I’m sorry – when did this cease to be one of the operating principles of the company we all know I’m talking about?!!!

And now….well, see for yourself. Whoops.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One response to “You cannot know how crabby this makes me

  1. dude, you should forward this clip to the person at the-company-which-shall-remain-nameless to show him/her how effing shortsighted he/she is and as a reminder that there’s no place for innovation at a firm that can’t see past its own navel. hmmph.

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