T-giving dessert dilemma

Oh boy. As if I needed to unearth another food/design blog. But it really is the best kind of lady porn.

It appears that La Tartine Gourmande has been in biz for at least five years and I’ve apparently been stone-cold passed out under the Fremont Troll. It reminds me of my all-time favorite food blog, Canelle et Vanille. But hey, there’s always room for a third. Menage a food trois.

However, LTG blogger Beatrice has introduced a question mark in my Thanksgiving preparations. That spiced apple and kasha crumble is just screaming for a starring role in the culinary line-up. I was planning to whip up Jen Worick’s lux-a-droolworthy sweet potato cheesecake, but something tells me my father’s arteries – and my ass – would favor fruity goodness.

Such a delicious decision.


3 responses to “T-giving dessert dilemma

  1. Ok…you hands-down CANNOT shorthand Thanksgiving by calling it T-giving. I won’t let you do it. That’s like chopping Christmas up into X-mas and callin’ it good. Give Thanksgiving its props, man! It’s just Thursday if there’s no Thanks!

    Hollah! Still love ya…and I say make both…the apple will cleanse the sweet potato palate 🙂

  2. Ha – OK, OK, you win. I will fight the urge to shorthand THANKSgiving forever and ever, amen.

    Both desserts, you say? Palate cleanser, eh? I’m blaming you if I get bootylicious.

    Love ya, m’dear. xoxo

  3. apples beat pumpkins any day of the week. I vote crumble in all its sweet, tart, crunchy goodness, esp as you’ll be faced with pumpkin everything from now til sundance.

    and re: abbreviations, christmas is so annoyingly overwrought and commercialized, and frankly too damn early in the winter, it should be called XM just to make it less demanding.

    your favorite humbug,

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