Holy sunburst, Batman!

That’s right, Robin – go ahead and share in the excitement over my having FINALLY found – just now, while I’m writing a letter to Ingersoll Rand retirees about their 2011 medical plan options (you can see why it’s easy to get distracted and instead shop online for home furnishings) – a sunburst mirror to hang above my fireplace. And it did NOT cost me the entire GDP of a developing country!

I’ve been hemming and hawing for a long time about what the hell to put over my mantel, but I had a moment of enlightenment during my August trip to Palm Springs. On my last morning there, I enjoyed a delicioso leisurely breakfast (OMG, was that food good – I actually took a picture of my mushroom and herb egg white omelette served alongside an arugula and tomato salad…holy jeepers) at the ungodly beautiful Viceroy Palm Springs. The photo above – of the poolside dining cabana (I’m already planning a dinner there for the April trip) – was my inspiration. Look at those sunbursts. Beyond stunning.

In all honesty, I knew I was in for a Viceroy designgasm before I even arrived, as I stayed at the Santa Monica property a few years ago and was in loooooove with the hotel’s unique touch courtesy of queen bee designer Kelly Wearstler. Kelly’s trademark is creating streamlined interiors based on neutral tones – like charcoal, sand, and white – then giving them a distinctive edge with jewel-toned accents: canary yellow, fresh-cut grass green, electric pink. The look is somehow elegant and fun at the same time (a philosophy I am ALL FOR).

Check out Kelly’s work at the Viceroy Palm Springs – the second photo is the Citron restaurant, where I had breakfast…so bright and shiny, I kid you not, it literally felt like sitting on the sun. And now I’ll have that burst-of-sun memory staring right at me in my living room. Sweet merry cheeriness.

More pics of my Palm Springs trip are here – best viewed in slideshow mode. The Del Marcos (most of those first pics) is where I stayed, in the Desert Oasis Deluxe suite. Mid-century modernist’s dream in every way. I spent a LOT of time in the pool and perched under those umbrellas (reading…ferociously). The Viceroy (and its breakfast of the gods) is at the end of the album. The Ask the Rabbi shot is for you, JB (he was taking questions at the Thursday night street fair :-)). And the Hal Linden Walk O’ Fame shot – that’s all yours, MKR (I mean, Barney). And I know, I know, Ms. M…sunburst mirrors are old hat. But I still love them.


One response to “Holy sunburst, Batman!

  1. hmmm…my comments didn’t seem to save…if you see them twice feel free to delete. just wanted to say how much i’m drooling over your hotel room furniture from palm springs, and how sad it is after nearly 10 years in Cali i never made it there, to what appears to be mid-century modern heaven.

    oh, and Barney loves his star pic 🙂

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