Success Secret #1

Rules and protocol are a great route to take if you want company (and a lot more competition) along the way. But you’ll arrive at your destiny – er, destination – more quickly and make a greater impression if you carve your own path, follow your gut, and tune out those who are fond of the words “no,” “should,” and “can’t.” Think of it as taking your own secret shortcut* to the party – you’ll arrive less frazzled and long before those who took the well-traveled, traffic-laden road.**

There isn’t a company, client, or individual worth their weight in any business who doesn’t value results obtained effectively, efficiently, and with a sense of ingenuity. And if there is…do you really want to work with them?

*So long as you follow the – ahem – general laws of the road. As in, don’t kill anyone along the way. Use your noggin. But you knew that.

**You also get first dibs on the budget food spread. Before everyone else sticks their grubby hands into it.


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