Oh, de nydelige Nordmenn!

That’s right: those gorgeous Norwegians! As in this lovely family to the left, whose awesome Norway home was featured today on Design*Sponge. Seriously, how cheery and happy is that place?! It’s like Ingvar from IKEA came in with his magic Norsk wand and sprinkled fairy Fjord dust all about the joint.

I don’t often have a ton of Norwegian pride (I mean, the lutefisk, the syltelabb, the emotional stoicism…there’s not a whole lot to celebrate here) but I gotta hand it to my people – they really do have a way with bright, clean, simple interior design. I like to think some of that rubbed off on me, despite the fact that not much in my house is from IKEA (Ingvar’s gotta amp the quality factor before I swallow that Kool-Aid). And in all honesty – I’m just really groovin’ on these beautiful fellow Norwegians…we might eat shitty food, but we sure know how to decorate and make some good-lookin’ people!

Maybe a bit of that rubbed off on me as well.

She says modestly. šŸ˜‰


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