A solid for the squirrels

Many of you know about the pregnant squirrel who mauled the shit out of my deck chair armrests. As annoying as that incident was, I took solace in the fact that (hopefully) my armrest material played a role in the development of a cozy nest for a little squirrel family somewhere in Ballard.

So I can’t help but wonder…is THIS that little family? The Good Samaritan in this particular instance is clearly the helpful gent narrating the video (who I’d venture to guess – judging from his voiceover – smokes a looooooottttttttt of weed), but I like to think that maybe, just maybe, the nest from which this little peanut hunter fell was fashioned by Lafuma.

P.S. The video gets really good at the five-minute mark. In case you’re impatient like me and get bored watching Johnny Solid try to find the most ideal bedding for the sleepy critter.


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