More inspiration and general feel-goodness

This wonderful story, “More Will Be Revealed,” (click the link at the bottom of the post) was told this afternoon on KUOW by my friend Jen’s buddy, Michaela. My friend Amy heard it this afternoon, right after she and I had finished a fairly deep and lengthy lunchtime conversation about how life often doesn’t unfold the way you expect it to. Amy and I have been friends since high school, and both her life and mine were derailed in the past six years – mine by divorce, hers by an emergency hysterectomy – and the older we get, the more curve ball experiences we seem to have. Things/people/events come into your life when you don’t think you’re ready or when you think you can’t handle them – or in forms you didn’t expect – and make you completely question everything you thought you knew, every expectation you ever had. Or they throw you into a funk, or make you switch gears (or paths) very quickly and without much thought, just so you can survive or grow or simply seize an opportunity.

Amy sent Michaela’s story to me as soon as she got home – she couldn’t believe it had aired on the radio as she was driving away from the restaurant. Indeed, the universe speaks to us in many, many ways.

As for Michaela – talk about pushing forward, despite all your doubts and fears. She’s lived so many of the quotes in my last post. Because of her, I’m adding “More will be revealed” to the list. And as for the curve balls – well, both Amy and I are getting better at swinging in spite of them.

\”More Will Be Revealed\” by Michaela Murphy


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