Who else wants to smack Gwynnie P.?


I came across this post on Design*Sponge about this southern photo stylist/designer chicky who renovated Goopy’s Nashville apartment in 10 DAYS.

That’s right – gut renovation: 10 DAYS.

Initially, I was fascinated – particularly because the finished results are AMAZINGLY gorgeous and very my style, but my intrigue soon turned to disgust when I realized that this rushrush reno job was for a TEMPORARY space that Gwynnie and fam would be inhabiting for just a couple short months while she was on location for a film shoot.

Jiminy shits, is she simply too good to just shack it up in a luxe hotel suite for a while? And do we really believe she needs that stove and bathtub because SHE is the one doing the cooking and bathing her kids every night? And how about that BORROWED art? Realllllllyyyyy? Did you get a load of that “Birthday Hat” sculpture? What the fuck – is that an armless naked man wearing a party hat? Y’all know I’m quite the artsy fart, but for Christ’s sake – if I was so self-absorbed as to have a designer curating borrowed art for my temporary living space, I’d have a swift “Fuck, no” response to the hat-wearing amputee with his dick hanging out.

Do we live in this world??? Where ARE we?

Here’s where we are: in the middle of the second worst recession in our lifetime and this is Gwyneth’s contribution. Oh but wait – she does include a link at the top of her blog post, pleading with people to help “her friends in Nashville” recover from the recent flood. Goop Girl was clearly not in the car with me to see the ginormous line wrapped around the U. District food bank last week. Hello, 10% of the U.S. is unemployed and can barely feed themselves so why don’t YOU take all the wad you put into the Princess Palace of Pretentiousness and help your Nashville friends instead?

She must shit money and eat ignorance for breakfast.


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