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Part 2 of what’s really the coolest thing ever

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wait, sorry – THIS might be the coolest thing ever

I nearly DIED laughing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This might be the coolest thing ever

Honest to G. JF just keeps blowin’ my mind with the uber-cool, creative bits.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A solid for the squirrels

Many of you know about the pregnant squirrel who mauled the shit out of my deck chair armrests. As annoying as that incident was, I took solace in the fact that (hopefully) my armrest material played a role in the development of a cozy nest for a little squirrel family somewhere in Ballard.

So I can’t help but wonder…is THIS that little family? The Good Samaritan in this particular instance is clearly the helpful gent narrating the video (who I’d venture to guess – judging from his voiceover – smokes a looooooottttttttt of weed), but I like to think that maybe, just maybe, the nest from which this little peanut hunter fell was fashioned by Lafuma.

P.S. The video gets really good at the five-minute mark. In case you’re impatient like me and get bored watching Johnny Solid try to find the most ideal bedding for the sleepy critter.

Sundance Twenty-Eleven…here we come!

All it took was one shout-out on Facebook and in just 10 hours, we’ve got a sizeable group coming together to rent a chalet in Park City for a long weekend of indie flicks and schussing!

And so it bears an encore publication, nearly four years later: Tami & Nicole’s Guide to Doing Sundance.

Paging Adam Brody.

I make deals with myself


I make broiled scallops and roasted asparagus with mushrooms for dinner


I can go to CR and have this for dessert:

There’s a new angel in Heaven today

And her name is Avery Quinn. She was with us for just a short time on Earth, but as her mom wrote me just a week ago, “This little girl isn’t even born and yet she’s already so loved by our family and friends.”

She was right.

Rest in peace and love, little one. We’re all thankful for the blessing of your life – and all life – however short our time together may sometimes be.