Some thoughts

  1. I’m holed up on the couch with some sorta flu. Watching JF host the Emmys is kinda helping, but not to the extent I expected. It might be his horrific spray tan.
  2. That movie, “The Town,” looks really good. Even though those people in nun still-life costumes are probably going to induce nightmares.
  3. Speaking of nuns, a psychic at the Ballard Farmer’s Market this weekend told me that my grandma and I were nuns in the same convent in a past life. A life in which I died at the age of 21. She claims this was in “France or Ireland” or some other country where I have no ancestors. She also told me a bunch of other stuff I think is horseshit.
  4. This post on Orangette makes me happy and drooly. Think I’ll need to whip up some berry cobbler before summer ends. The jam was clearly just a warm-up routine.
  5. I’m so fascinated by this Temple Grandin landslide at the Emmys that I went and added it to my Netflix queue. What an amazing woman who overcame so much to make such a difference in the lives of both people and animals. But couldn’t someone get her a stylist for Emmy night? I mean it was her birthday for G’s sake. You’d think just ONCE she could set aside the lesbian Roy Rogers get-up. I’m just sayin’.
  6. Claire Danes is awesome and I’m thrilled she won the Emmy for her portrayal of Temple. She’s one of my favorite actresses, not to mention style mavens. But my most favorite thing about Claire’s life might still be Hugh.

I’m just sayin’.


2 responses to “Some thoughts

  1. I laughed out loud @ your Roy Rogers line. I thought that all night and then thought I was mean. So happy to see there are two mean people out there 🙂

    • Hey man, we’re not mean – we’re just honest. She’s an amazing chick…she’s just gotta lose the rodeo gear! 🙂

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