I got an idear

Beware. While left to my own devices “on vacation” for three weeks, a LOT of ideas – some good, some harebrained – tend to brew. I’m not sure which category suits this latest brainstorm, but here goes nothin’.

Remember Show and Tell when you were a kid? And how FUN it was to bring something from home that you thought was super awesome – a new toy, a new gadget, your dead parakeet (I didn’t, but I thought about it…I know, very Wednesday Addams). I loved telling stories about things that meant something to me, and I also really grooved on hearing what made other kids tick. Having someone select an object and share why it means something to them is a wonderful way to get to know a person. People’s stuff speaks VOLUMES, especially when they tell you WHY it speaks volumes.

So what if there were Show and Tell parties for adults?! (Not THAT kind of Show and Tell – jeepers, get your noggin outta the gutter). For the most part, it’s just a theme party to give people an excuse to come over and drink, but it’s also a) a fantastic way to get to know them (especially new people, if there are folks at the party you haven’t met) and b) some people may bring some really awesome stuff that you might wanna get for yourself (like, say, if I brought my George Nelson bubble lamp….oooohhhh….ahhhh).

I got to thinking that this is sort of how The Moth’s storytelling series got started – people gathered and told a story based on a pre-determined theme. Now storytelling is rampant everywhere, most notably NPR.

I could be totally frazzle-brained from an entire day outside in the 104-degree heat of the desert. It’s also quite likely that, even if this is a good idea, come Monday, when I get all wrapped up in writing open enrollment materials for Puerto Rican manufacturing employees, any hope of executing on it will go AWOL. But I thought I’d throw it out there.

All in favor, say “I.”


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