Nicole needs…

Image: Natalie Dee

Gee golly, what did we do before Facebook and blogs took up all our time? I came across this post on the WordPress “blogs o’ the day” feature – the deal is you Google your name followed by “needs” and note the first 10 things that pop up in your results. Here’s what the interwebs says about me:

  1. Nicole needs a boob job
  2. Nicole needs friends
  3. Nicole needs a husband
  4. Nicole needs a share in Statesboro, GA
  5. Nicole needs your prayers
  6. Nicole needs fan mail
  7. Nicole needs to stop with the name calling
  8. Nicole needs to work her magic
  9. Nicole needs a job
  10. Nicole needs an urban love nest


On the other hand, I do NOT need to floss. That I’ve actually got a decent handle on.


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