Virtual entrepreneurs must UNITE

I read this piece in the NYT (a la Jules – thanks, m’dear) about Inc. magazine’s virtual production of their April issue – i.e., everyone working remotely. I’ve been passionate about telecommuting from a productivity and ecological perspective since 1995 – when I first set foot in an office for “real job” purposes and nearly went into cardiac arrest. Structure = bleck. Dress code = whatever. In-person meetings = totally unnecessary. The truly talented and productive people in this world are self-disciplined and don’t need any of that to turn their ideas into reality, not to mention pure-spun gold.

As soon as the April issue hit the stands – along with a hefty cover story on the virtual company – I headed to B&N for a copy. Not only did the magazine deliver with a fantastic argument for working office-free, but they also served up a little bonus in the form of this hunk of burning hotness gracing the cover. Uh…who the hell is this and how have I not known about him?!! More importantly, where can I find him? (Oh look, he’s currently living in Hawaii…)

I may need to hunt him down during my upcoming trip to Hawaii to see if he’d be up for chatting about virtual  entrepreneurship over a cup o’ Kona coffee. You know me, people. I’m NOT kidding.


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