So I’m a…considerate visionary

This personality test is FASCINATING. And that Mondrian-like image is the “map” for my personality type: the considerate visionary. You’re supposed to be able to mouse over each of the colors and it’ll tell you what the color means – however, the script is funky on WordPress, so I’ll tell ya my strongest traits. Then you can judge (me) for yourself.

  • Lime green: very high agency
  • Teal blue: very high masculinity (not sure if I’m flattered or offended)
  • Red: very high confidence
  • Pink: very high empathy
  • Cobalt: low authoritarianism (gee, shocking)
  • Kelly green: low openness (this one’s a headscratcher)
  • Purple: low extroversion (hmmm…)

What I love about this test is that you have no idea where it’s going so you can’t skew your answers – consciously or unconsciously – to what you THINK you are. I dunno about you, but mine’s pretty dead balls-on.


2 responses to “So I’m a…considerate visionary

  1. hmm. i’m an animated leader. does that mean i can’t quit my job anytime soon?


  2. I can totally see that, missy. Quit your job immediately. There’s a circus gig awaiting. Oh wait – that’s your current job? Oh, right….

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