Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why, yes. Yes, I am.

“Yeah, I am harsh. I’m also demanding, stubborn, self-sufficient, and always right. In bed, at the office…and everywhere else.”

– Samantha Jones, “Sex and the City”

Rio, anyone?

Awwww yeah. How come our government’s not this cool?

If you don’t know Reggie, you don’t know shit

One of my FAVE NYC comedians. Pure talent. Brilliance. Funny as fuck shit. This is classic. Dig it or don’t talk to me.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So I’m a…considerate visionary

This personality test is FASCINATING. And that Mondrian-like image is the “map” for my personality type: the considerate visionary. You’re supposed to be able to mouse over each of the colors and it’ll tell you what the color means – however, the script is funky on WordPress, so I’ll tell ya my strongest traits. Then you can judge (me) for yourself.

  • Lime green: very high agency
  • Teal blue: very high masculinity (not sure if I’m flattered or offended)
  • Red: very high confidence
  • Pink: very high empathy
  • Cobalt: low authoritarianism (gee, shocking)
  • Kelly green: low openness (this one’s a headscratcher)
  • Purple: low extroversion (hmmm…)

What I love about this test is that you have no idea where it’s going so you can’t skew your answers – consciously or unconsciously – to what you THINK you are. I dunno about you, but mine’s pretty dead balls-on.

Virtual entrepreneurs must UNITE

I read this piece in the NYT (a la Jules – thanks, m’dear) about Inc. magazine’s virtual production of their April issue – i.e., everyone working remotely. I’ve been passionate about telecommuting from a productivity and ecological perspective since 1995 – when I first set foot in an office for “real job” purposes and nearly went into cardiac arrest. Structure = bleck. Dress code = whatever. In-person meetings = totally unnecessary. The truly talented and productive people in this world are self-disciplined and don’t need any of that to turn their ideas into reality, not to mention pure-spun gold.

As soon as the April issue hit the stands – along with a hefty cover story on the virtual company – I headed to B&N for a copy. Not only did the magazine deliver with a fantastic argument for working office-free, but they also served up a little bonus in the form of this hunk of burning hotness gracing the cover. Uh…who the hell is this and how have I not known about him?!! More importantly, where can I find him? (Oh look, he’s currently living in Hawaii…)

I may need to hunt him down during my upcoming trip to Hawaii to see if he’d be up for chatting about virtual  entrepreneurship over a cup o’ Kona coffee. You know me, people. I’m NOT kidding.

Hello, friends. Meet KIN.

Yes, KIN is indeed the top secret project I’ve been working on for the past few months. Today, Microsoft introduced KIN to the world at the launch event in SFO…I had chills and I haven’t even been on the project as long as most of the people on the team! Nevertheless, I’m just happy I can finally open my big trap (silence is not my core competency) and show you all how incredibly cool KIN is.

Once the phone goes on sale in May, I’ll be the “voice of KIN” to customers via two blogs which will be fed into the phone’s Loop and Feed Reader – KIN Scoop (funny, crazy, and interesting lifestyle content, as well as marketing stuff) and KIN Tips (cool tips & tricks for the first 30 days someone has the phone). I work with an incredibly smart, fun bunch of people on this project and am privileged to call them my client. If only because they rescued me from benefit comms. It’s because of them that I don’t have an axe in my head right now.