Oh for Christ’s sake

You know what, moms? Get over it. Either you want your husband’s help or you want to do it all. For decades, it’s been, “He doesn’t do enough,” then it was, “He doesn’t do it right,” and now it’s, “He does it and my ego is bruised”?!?!!!!

NEWSFUCKINGFLASH: YOU CANNOT HAVE IT ALL. PERIOD. EVER. You’re already fortunate to have a) a husband willing to help, b) a lovely child you adore, and c) a relatively fulfilling career. You are LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of 99.8% of the population, but keep this up and you’ll have a) a husband seeking sexual gratification from someone or something else, b) a nervous kid with a variety of psychological disorders, and/or c) no job at all, considering that we’re in the midst of the worst recession in 70 YEARS. Trust me: something will always be wrong, always be amiss, always be lacking. Figure out what you need to live a relatively happy life, make it happen, and then shut the fucking front door already. You’re not furthering gender equality by being a whiny, never-satisfied bitch.

This film, however, just might.


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