Monthly Archives: March 2010

The home office – before and after

It took a year, but I finally got it together. So welcome one, welcome all to the headquarters of NICO, Inc., where our motto is, “Be kind. Be awesome. Work hard.”

Whatever. At least I no longer feel like I work in the back room at the post office.

What would Wonka do?

We took Dad on the Theo Chocolate factory tour for his birthday – and he dozed off in the lobby wearing his tour hairnet. Good times.

Oh for Christ’s sake

You know what, moms? Get over it. Either you want your husband’s help or you want to do it all. For decades, it’s been, “He doesn’t do enough,” then it was, “He doesn’t do it right,” and now it’s, “He does it and my ego is bruised”?!?!!!!

NEWSFUCKINGFLASH: YOU CANNOT HAVE IT ALL. PERIOD. EVER. You’re already fortunate to have a) a husband willing to help, b) a lovely child you adore, and c) a relatively fulfilling career. You are LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of 99.8% of the population, but keep this up and you’ll have a) a husband seeking sexual gratification from someone or something else, b) a nervous kid with a variety of psychological disorders, and/or c) no job at all, considering that we’re in the midst of the worst recession in 70 YEARS. Trust me: something will always be wrong, always be amiss, always be lacking. Figure out what you need to live a relatively happy life, make it happen, and then shut the fucking front door already. You’re not furthering gender equality by being a whiny, never-satisfied bitch.

This film, however, just might.

Why Stone rules the universe

I love this man – everything about him. Always have, always will. Not only is he ridiculously “my type,” but he’s an awesome musician, husband, father, and bona fide Seattle boy. He’s also whip smart and walks the eco-walk. And shit, will you look at his wicked diapering savvy!!

Here’s proof of why, at PJ concerts, when all the girls are screamin’ for Eddie, I’m whooping it up for Stone.

My name is Nicole (“Hi, Nicole”) and I’m an entrepreneur

And yes, I still believe everything is within my reach.

Life is short. Never give up – on your passions, your beliefs, that which you cherish and those whom you love.

Thanks for this vid go to to Jamie at I Suwannee, who inspires and delights every day.

Andy slams Leno and the NBC hoo-hoos (I mean, honchos)

Well said, Richter. Thank you for being honest. You rock, Conan rocks, even your fabulously funny writer wife rocks. See you on Fox (wink) in the fall.

(Start at 4:00.)

Sing it, Beaker

This is what happens when you huff off the Bunsen burner.

Down with the drama already

My bud Christy (aka CD) and I had lunch in NYC on Monday (totally off topic: Pret!!! Moroccan lentil soup!!!) and ended up talking a lot about drama and people who create it to make their lives more interesting. CD did some research and found this awesome insight on the topic from none other than fabulous storyteller, Kurt Vonnegut, who says:

“People have been hearing fantastic stories since time began. The problem is, they think life is supposed to be like the stories. Let’s look at a few examples.”

Good food for thought, Mr. V. Thanks for the reminder.