Well, now this is sweet

Hold up, I’m about to have a mushballs moment. If you easily hurl  around displays of emotion, close your browser immediately or grab a bucket.

I just think this Dweebist post is really super duper sappy awesome (dance included). Every woman should have a man (or woman – depending on how you roll) who says this about her. EVERY. WOMAN. And you know what – that goes for you dudes too.

“What a blessing she has been in my life. She is such a rock of positive influence and support. She is a great example. She is a great wife. She is an amazing person. I am the luckiest person on earth. I don’t know how/why she agreed to marry me. But she did. So I need to strive every day to improve and be better…so I can even just get close to her awesomeness, and worthy of her love.”

So there. See, I actually DO have a heart. Sniff, sniff. </mushballs>


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