Missing NYC

It recently dawned on me that I’m half Seattleite and half New Yorker – my heart is truly in both places. Imagine that.

Today, I’m in such an NYC state o’ mind, I’m almost hankering to hover near a sweaty armpit on the 2 train.

(More deets here.)


4 responses to “Missing NYC

  1. Two smells I love are two of the only cheap things in NYC. Flowers on the corner and a manicure. Oh, and I love the smell of Michelle’s cooking in the West Village!

  2. holla!

    i love the smell of roasting nuts in those little carts in the winters. and this is a little sick, but i love the smell of a good dive bar (like radio bar) when i’m in the mood for a few whiskeys and a cheap jukebox. i guess you could get that anywhere, though. eh, maybe not.

    • roasting nuts in nyc = yummy. one could interpret that sentence in oh-so-many ways. i dunno about dive bar smell though…i used to hang at rififi in the e.v. a lot and it stank like toilet. bleeccckkk…i’m assuming radio bar is more stale beer and hipster sweat.

      miss you, mkr.

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