Monthly Archives: February 2010

Well, now this is sweet

Hold up, I’m about to have a mushballs moment. If you easily hurl  around displays of emotion, close your browser immediately or grab a bucket.

I just think this Dweebist post is really super duper sappy awesome (dance included). Every woman should have a man (or woman – depending on how you roll) who says this about her. EVERY. WOMAN. And you know what – that goes for you dudes too.

“What a blessing she has been in my life. She is such a rock of positive influence and support. She is a great example. She is a great wife. She is an amazing person. I am the luckiest person on earth. I don’t know how/why she agreed to marry me. But she did. So I need to strive every day to improve and be better…so I can even just get close to her awesomeness, and worthy of her love.”

So there. See, I actually DO have a heart. Sniff, sniff. </mushballs>

It’s my body and I’ll poo how I want to

My ex-husband used to get SUPER irked when I camped out on the crapper, commonly known as “Me Time – Dude, Get Over It Already.” I almost always set up shop in there with a book or magazine to make the experience more pleasurable – or at least, reminiscent of waiting around the gate at SeaTac (i.e., uninterrupted, guilt-free reading time). I’m not particularly modest but I was forced to start locking the door because he’d occasionally attempt to literally scare the shit out of me by busting in, exclaiming, “I KNEW you were reading in there!!”, and snatching the book/magazine, resulting in a “DAMMITWHATTHEFUCK?!!” from me (a response that makes a very authoritative impression from the can with your pants around your ankles).

All in all, a very unsatisfying non-literary poo experience.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that he recently sent me this, from Dweebist, with the message, “You need this sign for your place.”

Hellz yeah.

Spring is springing

At least here in Seattle – where the cherry trees have burst into bloom a whole month early. Back in my undergrad days at UW, the cherry trees on the quad would blossom in mid-March; that’s right – over spring break, when you didn’t want to be anywhere near campus. Bastards. This year, they made their debut all over town two weeks ago. My weekend runs love them for it.

Meanwhile, the fabulous Grace at Design*Sponge just introduced me to the breathtaking floral photography of Kari Herer. Really, truly, seriously – I’ve never met a peony I didn’t looooovvvvve.

Bring it, spring!!


I need to go here. Pata Prieta Beach. Yesterday. Now. Soon. Hurry.

George the giant dog!!

Holy crap, this dog is 7 feet tall! And eats 110 pounds of food a week! And has his own queen-sized bed! And took up three whole airplane seats en route to his appearance on Oprah! I LOVE him!!!!!!

Missing NYC

It recently dawned on me that I’m half Seattleite and half New Yorker – my heart is truly in both places. Imagine that.

Today, I’m in such an NYC state o’ mind, I’m almost hankering to hover near a sweaty armpit on the 2 train.

(More deets here.)