Amen, E. Jean!

From the February 2010 issue of Elle:

Dear E. Jean: What the heck is wrong with men? I was supposed to go on a first date with a guy tomorrow. He just Tweeted to firm up plans. Then he drops this bomb: Can he crash at my place in case he has too much to drink? – Princess Daisy

Daisy, my dear: Here’s a hint: Whenever a chap reveals in fewer than 140 characters that he’s a douche, a mooch, and a boozer, cancel the date. P.S. If you don’t believe me, wait till you see him drunk.

Nicopedia conclusion: Douchemoochboozer is my new favorite word.


One response to “Amen, E. Jean!

  1. e. jean needs to consider if (a) daisy is just looking for a little good luvvin’ or (b) if douchemoochboozer is super hot and worth the cheap evening before she passes such victorian judgement. somebody give me an advice column already!

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