I’m Architype Van Doesburg

Emotional. Assertive. Progressive. Disciplined.

“That all beings – and all letters – are created equal.” Indeed, my father criticizes my handwriting because all my letters are the exact. same. size.

Van Doesburg = cubism + geometry + Bauhaus + primary colors + simplicity. Hi, have any of you seen my house?! SPOT ON. My friend Kurt doesn’t call me “Ninety Degree Angle Nicole” for nothin’.

BTW, Van Doesburg created this font in…no shit…1919. 19 being “my” number, as many of you know.

Which type are you? (Password is character.) Go on, don’t be shy. Report back.

P.S. Thank you, Pentagram, for never failing to blow my mind.


3 responses to “I’m Architype Van Doesburg

  1. i’m cooper black italic. well, today, that is. this little test is so much like a meyers-briggs test…tomorrow i might be something completely different.

    good work pentagram, but boo/hiss for commandeering the size of my browser window. i hate that.

  2. I am, also, “Architype Van Doesburg!” How awesome is that!

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