Who is Jay Leno f-ing at NBC?

Seriously – someone tell me how a man who was given his pink slip SIX YEARS AGO managed to not only finagle himself a new show, but then get his old show BACK (essentially) after FAILING in his current timeslot?! And how a network that made a name for itself by giving programs time to develop (Seinfeld, The Office, Late Night with C. O’B), and thus succeed beyond anyone’s wildest wet dream, has forgotten this critical element of its legacy?

HUH?! You tell me how this is possible.

And then imagine if you were Conan and had uprooted your ENTIRE STAFF AND FAMILY (!!!!) to the other side of the country – only to have the network that promised you the world (again, SIX YEARS AGO) and even built you a BRAND-NEW STUDIO suddenly rain explosive diarrhea all over your parade.

There aren’t enough Ws, Ts, or Fs on my keyboard to express the incredulousness.

I’m with you, Conesie. Take your fabulously brilliant, exceptionally funny gingerhead to Fox and tell NBC to take a spin on your middle finger.


One response to “Who is Jay Leno f-ing at NBC?

  1. this sickens me to no end. his taking of the high-road will pay off for sure. nobody’s brillianter than conan.

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