Invasion of the Late Night Roach

This is CRAZY! Of course, the funniest part of the whole saga is JF’s reaction – on the night of the segment, during the rehearsal, and to his own reaction during the rehearsal. BEYOND priceless. Also, I am totally retarded and entered the naming contest – my suggestion: Houdini. I know, I know….really original. But so apropos.

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2 responses to “Invasion of the Late Night Roach

  1. that segment gave me the serious willies. reminds me of an episode in college that included a character named “bugger.” be sure to ask lori about him.

  2. The thought of bugger at loose in our apartment still keeps me up at night. The only thing that makes me feel a bit better is the last sighting of bugger was in the pizza we left out for days in our PC apartment. Bluck.

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