The story of my romantic life hits the silver screen

Starring George Clooney as Just About Every Man Who Has Walked Into My World in the Last Four Years.

If you or someone you know is a romantic train wreck, go see the film. Maybe you’ll get a clue about what matters. Not your job. Not your BMW. Not your house in Greenwich. Not making partner. Not whoring around. Not treating women like objects. Not seeing how much you can get for so little in return. Not getting wasted off your ass. Not behaving like you live in a fraternity house. Not trying to reach the world record of impossible conquests. Not being unresponsive because you can’t find the balls to express yourself honestly. Not being afraid of your own feelings. Not ignoring the big fucking purple elephant who isn’t just in the room, but on the table and in your face.

Not failing to launch.

P.S. I’ll be the one attending the screening with Kleenex box in hand. Because I’m making like Joan Didion…and saying goodbye to all that.


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