You know you’re a wino when…

nicovinoThere’s a wine named after you.

OK, and four million other women named Nicole. Ms. Michelle Roach snapped this photo for me today. (Thanks, MKR, for always making me smile. :-))

And here’s the beauty – it turns out that “Nicole” is a Tuscan Sangiovese (one of my faves – especially with tomato-based sauces) from Cosimo Maria Masini. The tasting notes suggest it with meats and cheeses, but I’m telling you…it is mucho delicioso with puttanesca and arrabiata sauces. It’s a very light red, without overpowering tannins or oakiness or other heavy flavors, which is why it’s so fabulous with food. Although frankly, it’s so light, I dig it on its own as well, but people who appreciate the “depth” of a red on its own may not like it solo.

P.S. All these facts/opinions were gleaned from the Sangiovese tasting I hosted in my living room years ago during my NYC “wine club” days…as well as a number of Italian meals since. Yes, I know I need to get on the wagon and start a Seattle wine club because it is SUPER fun and educational.

Buon appetito.


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