Suri Cruise terrorizes Beantown

Beware, Bostonians. (Ahem, loyal readers Michelle and Lori.)

Gymboree Satan is stoned on sugar and melting unsuspecting passersby with her Firestarter glare. This most recent altercation occurred at Harvard Square’s Sweet. Though I gotta hand it to her – she’s nailed a mighty fabulous impression of Heath Ledger’s Joker, bleeding Kool-Aid lips and all.

There may be a Hollywood future for her after all. Girl is wicked crazy, bro.




2 responses to “Suri Cruise terrorizes Beantown

  1. she’s just pissed she’s not in heels and dior couture any longer. either that or at the recent red sox (non) showing.

  2. I think she is upset that her mom is taller than her dad. Always bothers me.

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