Bump watch – male edition


What is happening here?

Pot bellies indeed. Which the NYT claims are the new hipster accessory du jour, along with straw fedoras (seen ’em) and knicker-length shorts (check).

This is as gross as the “anorsexia” craze of the recent past. The unhealthy state was once hip for women and now the guys get their shake at it – except unhealthy for them requires NO effort as opposed to the OCD diligence involved in women starving themselves, counting every calorie, and hurling.

I am beyond tired of trends when it comes to body type. Nothing could be more fucked up. I’m also above-and-beyond fed up with hipsters who claim to be all anti-establishment, when really they’re just following a different regime. One that used to involve skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors, and Williamsburg – but is now centered around, amongst the aforementioned sartorial choices, BEING round. In Fort Greene, where the lemurs are currently migrating.

I weep for the future.


One response to “Bump watch – male edition

  1. If I could sneak a picture of my husband’s new 40 pound bump and send it to you, I would. The man had to buy new clothes yesterday – 2 sizes larger than all his other clothes. Oh, did I mention our 1 year anniversary is only a few weeks away? What a gift!

    While it enrages me that he can both gain and lose 40 pounds in about a month (seriously!), at least I take comfort in knowing that the 10 pounds I’ve gained since high school (21 years ago) is evenly distrubted (somewhere between the dimples on my butt and that roll that spills over my waistband).

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