And now, deep thoughts…by Nicole Christie

cloudsilverliningI’ve found the only way through pain is to admit you have it, feel the anger and sadness and resentment, and have a pity party. I swear that is the only way through. Then you get to the other side and are able to see the silver lining again. But you can’t see the silver lining in the cloud until you acknowledge the cloud itself.

2 responses to “And now, deep thoughts…by Nicole Christie

  1. man, so true. pretending the cloud is a mere fog, or ignoring the cloud altogether even, is some seriously-rooted denial that can take even longer to get through in the end. hope this post means you’re seeing the other side of the gloom.


    • Indeed I have. The rose-colored glasses fell off, were run over by a bus, catapulted into the gutter, and shit on by a large dog. I can see clearly now – and it is good.

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