Yep, that’s me in the NY Post…

nypostpic…peeping through the blinds. I gotta hand it to the editor and art department – they really doctored up my headshot like pros. Very Hitchcock.

Indeed, the dating sagas have been unleashed, people – and they’re hitting the press with a vengeance. First the eHarmony saga; now the tale of apartment building “I Spy” (oh boy, did I learn my lesson about “TMI” with this whopper) graces the stands in today’s edition of the NY Post.

Writing this was a pretty laborious undertaking – nearly a month of burning the midnight oil to get it just right for the editor. The word count for this column is ~600 – and my very first draft was 1,700. Yeah, hello. There are so many details in this tale – it could easily be 3,000 words if I shared everything. But I forced myself to cut to the crux of the story and pared it back to 700 before sending version 1.0 to the editor. Over four rewrites, it grew to 800, then 1,100, then back down to 700. WHEW!

And now the big props: I owe this latest triumph to my dear friend, Carrie Seim. You’re a gem, missy – I owe you my first kid or something.

Rest assured, there are more stories where these came from. I have enough material from the last four years of dating to last a lifetime. In fact, what I’d really like is for someone to just be nice to me for a while. Preferably forever. Do you hear that, God? Thank you. Amen.


One response to “Yep, that’s me in the NY Post…

  1. Loved your article!

    “I’m watching you, Fokker”

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