My goats are giving people the giggles

goatsframedHonest to God. I take these in to be framed and the woman at the frame shop cannot stop laughing. Literally – one second, she’s helping me choose a mat and frame, the next her chin is on her chest and her shoulders are shaking with laughter. I get the impression she’s trying not to offend me but I, of course, am immensely pleased because I know the photos are having the exact effect on her as they did on me – and it’s radiant goodness. Finally she asks me, “I’m sorry, but…is this your goat?” She then proceeds to tell me about the “urban goat” trend – which I’ve heard of, but I politely inform her that, no, it is not my goat. It’s a goat (actually two goats – a nubian and a pygmy) who lives in a private zoo in L.A. Which, I realize, makes this all the more hilarious. But this is why I bought these photos – not just because I love goats, but because they are so silly, everyone gets the giggles!

Today, I’m running at Green Lake when I get a call that “The goats are ready!” I pick them up from the frame shop and the guy hands them to me wrapped in brown paper with the word “Goats!” written on each one. He says with a big grin, “I have to tell you. I’ve worked here a year and have never seen anything so interesting or hysterical. I took a picture of them with my camera phone.”

See? They’re radiating positivity already. Cuties. 🙂


2 responses to “My goats are giving people the giggles

  1. I tried so hard to embed a photo of the goat next door to Ron and Lorena but could not figure it out. Love goats too but not as much as you and Michelle 🙂

  2. you know how i feel about the goats. when i met cupcake, my world turned upside down.


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