What makes me happy: 5 years of Design*Sponge

Every morning, I peruse my favorite design blogs (Design*Sponge, I Suwannee, and Village Mews…see “Blog Love,” at right) with a big mug of my favorite coffee. It’s the best prep for what is usually M-F madness of clients pissing me off.

Today, Design*Sponge celebrated its five-year anniversary and I’m tossing a big barrel o’ kudos out to its founder, Grace Bonney, for her appreciation of all things form and functional. And as a token of her appreciation, she’s launching a year-long artist series as a gift to her readers; each month she’ll post a free desktop wallpaper hand-drawn and designed by one of her favorite independent artists. For August, there are two! I’ve already got my choice (the light and calendar-free option, below) plastered on the desktop.

Get it and love it, people. It’s the simple things like this that bring joy to our crazy world.



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