More “for the love of”…PAPER

I am a big stationery snob. In particular, I’ve been meaning to blog about my love for Egg Press cards – but Village Mews beat me to it! So this is reblogged for your viewing pleasure – and I’ll let Chelsea take the credit. 🙂

P.S. You can also find Egg Press cards at various shops on Ballard Ave.  – Lucca is a personal fave.



One response to “More “for the love of”…PAPER

  1. i’d been a fan Egg Press the whole time i lived in SF and was worried, once i moved to NYC, that i would have to increase my carbon footprint ordering and shipping their gorgeous cards across the country. luckily, i moved just around the corner from Greenwich Letterpress in NY and get to indulge my paper/printing fetish there with their collection of “Twin Peaks” masterpieces. and on those days when i’m feeling less socially conscious, i ride their carbon coattails, as they too carry Egg Press. i always knew you had great taste, Nicole.

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