Words I’m sick of hearing

1) Crazy.

2) Busy.

Especially in tandem. I’m particularly sick of hearing myself say these words, as well as the following when others say them:

1) “No worries.”

2) “I understand.”lonelyamerican

Because newsflash: Everyone is “crazy busy” and it’s not a valid excuse for shitting on/ignoring people. Busyness is not a virtue, it’s a sickness that’s cutting us off from developing strong connections with others and leading truly productive, efficient lives. Don’t believe me? Read this book.


2 responses to “Words I’m sick of hearing

  1. this is a great post. there’s such a decline in “community” in this day and age, which is so ironic in a time when technology allows us to hide behind our laptop screens and reconnect with playground chums from decades ago. this is another book i love on the topic: http://bit.ly/XGIIB

    it’s part of the explanation why american youth nowadays doesn’t have dependable role models anymore and instead goes searching for mentor-figures in celebrities.

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