This just in: Amazon buys Zappos


Glad to hear they will still run as a separate entity though. Hope they stay the course.

FYI – I am a MONSTER Zappos fan. I cannot sing their praises enough – free shipping, free returns, almost always getting upgraded to next-day shipping, up to a year to return a purchase (granted, you can’t have used/worn it). But here’s the awesome thing – I recently bought a pair of Frye sandals (yeah, I know they’re totally rad – you can’t know how many compliments I get on these suckers) and the ankle strap snapped in two after just three wearings. I asked Zappos if I could exchange them for a new pair – even though it’s not their policy – since clearly this was a “lemon shoe.” They responded within just a few hours and said it was no prob and P.S. – I was being upgraded to VIP status for being such a fabulous customer. I wrote back, professing my long-standing bordering-on-orgy love for them and asked them to pass my compliments onto CEO Tony Hsieh for “totally getting it” when it comes to business strategy and customer service.

And one more reason to love Tony: he posted a Q&A about the acquisition on the Zappos blog. One question was, “Will Zappos employees get an Amazon discount?” His response:

“No, because we are planning on continuing to run Zappos as a separate company with our own culture and core values. And we’re not going to be giving the Zappos discount to Amazon employees either, unless they bake us cookies and deliver them in person.”

Excuse me, I need them as a client. PRONTO. If I’d developed this for ANY of my clients (and yes, this is the kind of hoo-ha I write for a living – but as Tony’s letter shows…when employee comm is done right, it’s unbelievably awesome), they would have slashed it for inappropriateness. In fact, I wouldn’t even dare try, which is the horrifically sad creative un-reality of my current occupational affairs.

Moral of the story: Generation X rocks corporate America. I always knew we would. Everyone else can suck it.


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