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I will always consider him our generation’s Elvis. I would never have started dancing without him. I’m not too proud to say that, during high school dance team tryouts, as my co-captain and I were performing the audition routine, one group of girls in attendance – whom I’d seen seriously stealing the floor at school dances – pointed at me and said, “Girl, we want YOU to teach us those moves!” 🙂

So thanks Michael for giving us moves.

Conan makes me happy

The burmese python’s on the bandwagon too. Holy shit. PIMP.Vodpod videos no longer available.

Duly noted


Thanks, Jules. 😉

So mad you could break some shit?

Now you can. Sarah’s Smash Shack in sunny San D will lock you in a soundproof room with a bunch of breakables and let you go hog looney. They work on sort of a “you buy it, you break it” philosophy – choose your poison (plates, vases, you name it) or bring your own handle-with-care item and let the walls have it.

Seeing as how Jules alerted me to this, I’m assuming she thinks it would be good therapy for me. Hmmm. I do have a Bermuda glass paperweight that just might do the trick.


Artsy schmartsy love

I am all about hunting down up-and-coming artists as I search to fill my new home with unique pieces that really speak to me. I’ve had lots of luck in this mission at Venue in Ballard and, courtesy of Caffe Fiore, I recently discovered the incredible encaustic paintings of Kari Young.

Two words: Must. Have. Possibly this one in particular:


Along these lines, the lovely Michelle Roach turned me on to THE THING – a quarterly object-based publication. In the words of the founders:

“Each issue of THE THING is conceived of by an individual artist, reproduced and wrapped by the editors Jonn Hershend and Will Rogan and sent to the subscribers.”

This is one of my favorites – “beermats” (aka…coasters):


Seriously, each issue of THE THING is like commissioning an incomparable conversation piece for your home. Check it, get it, love it.

Yeah, here’s a problem I’ll never have

EOD giggle

Try not to piss yourself. Sneak preview:


I hope that you can see that this is a jellied salad. Do you see it glisten? Do you require a close-up to understand that these beans and mushrooms and pimiento strips are one solid, glistening mass? Okay!

See how the Ceramic Mushroom Family has gathered to show their children what happens to bad little mushrooms.

This is what my ex-husband sends me

We have a strange relationship.

On the veranda

Do you love it or do you LOVE it?! I have a “veranda” now. How very Ya-Ya Sisterhood of me. And P.S. I stained the sucker over the weekend! Who knew you could stain concrete? Not me – I’ve been livin’ in the concrete jungle for the last four years, where the only stains come from human orifices.

Here ’tis (I realize this is virtually meaningless without a before photo but play along with me):


So now that I have a stained and ready-to-go veran-duh, I gotta get something to settle my booty into and prop my feet upon – and even some purty planters to complete the “au modern” vibe. For your consideration:

chiassoplanters cb2bistrorexweekenderlafumarsx

Honest to God

Why can’t I have a crush on Joe Jonas without being deemed a cougar or a pedophile? It’s so unfair.

Can you imagine this kid in 10 years?